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So I have finally acquired a job which is pretty cool, after a year of complaining and nagging from friends and family I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (Although it will be truly so once I am off probation...).  Either way, big thanks to those that helped me out (you know who you are :D) and as promised expect to see a free commission!  

Now normally you would hear a depressing tale about how one would not longer be as dedicated to drawing and entertainment because of work...but do not fret, I have not forsaken you!  In fact, all I think about nowadays is how I cannot wait to draw when I get home...and with some encouragement I'm sure you will see an even greater influx of work than before!  Yes that is correct, work makes you more productive!  

In other news, I am now aligned with an art group called Starved Artist so definitely give them a shout and expect to see my work in the upcoming projects.  

I am currently accepting request for anything as long as its acceptable, check out my Pixiv for an idea ;)

To do list :  

Draw, Acquire Dakimakura

Watching: Gakkou Gurashi, Shoukogeki no Souma, Prison School, Monster Musume, Himouto

List of things to draw: Saber, Team 6, Miia, GG, Sushi, NicoxMaki


Currently accepting commissions for pretty much anything (you may want to PM me) hit me up with an idea and I'll give you a quote. 

Once we iron out the details, I will accept Paypal payments for the commissioned work. 

How To:
1. Send me a note request.
2. Write a brief description including: Things you want, context of what you want, reference pictures may help. Any idea is negotiable (even some NSFW).
3. Send me payment via Paypal (the commissioner will need to cover Paypal fees).
4. Once confirmed, I will start working on the commission.
5. When I am complete the commission, I will notify you and send you the full resolution PNG files as well as the Sai/PS files.

Commission Rates:
Full body:
$30 sketches
$40 lined b/w
$50 colored

+$10 to $20 for very complex characters
+$20 for each additional character
+$10 simple background +$20 detailed background
Woof by Phibonnachee

Mature Content

Hotspring Holiday by Phibonnachee

Mature Content

Commission: Irelia - True Damage by Phibonnachee
Bard the Wandering Caretaker by Phibonnachee Glorious Invocation by Phibonnachee Pandora by Phibonnachee Metatron by Phibonnachee
Kongou Class - Burning Love! by Phibonnachee Yamato Class - The Mighty Yamato by Phibonnachee Destroyer Class - Shimakaze by Phibonnachee Destroyer Class - Yukikaze by Phibonnachee Nautilus by Phibonnachee Unleashed Power (Love) by Phibonnachee Tokio Funka Gumi by Phibonnachee
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wish you luck in your new job :)
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Submitted on
September 22, 2015


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