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~~~The Con Concludes~~~

I know it is very late to be saying this, but the con is now over. This year was very similar to last years performance, except I had even less time available to roam about (I wasnt even able to set foot in the dealers room once!). My table buddy… to have had a successful con too and were able to make friends with a ton of the other pro artists.

Next year we will fight the pros head-on at H-Block. The rivalry is on, it will be bloody.

To do list :  

Draw, GF, Acquire Dakimakura???

Watching: Sakamoto, Kabaneri, Hero

List of things to draw: taiyaki, caufee!, LL Rin+Hanayo, League?, PAD? Kabaneri?, Careers Artbook


Currently accepting commissions for pretty much anything (you may want to PM me) hit me up with an idea and I'll give you a quote. 

Once we iron out the details, I will accept Paypal payments for the commissioned work. 

How To:
1. Send me a note request.
2. Write a brief description including: Things you want, context of what you want, reference pictures may help. Any idea is negotiable (Pixiv Somewhat NSFW...).
3. Send me payment via Paypal (the commissioner will need to cover Paypal fees).
4. Once confirmed, I will start working on the commission.
5. When I am complete the commission, I will notify you and send you the full resolution PNG files as well as the Sai/PS files.

Commission Rates:
Half Body ~~~ $50

Full body ~~~ $60

+$10 to $20 for very complex characters
+$20 for each additional character
+$10 simple background 
+$20 detailed background

Woof by Phibonnachee Pandora by Phibonnachee Metatron by Phibonnachee Sushi Bento by Phibonnachee Megumin Good Job! by Phibonnachee Aqua Desu by Phibonnachee Masochism by Phibonnachee
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dreaming-baka Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016
You're going to the pro plaza? Woww good luck~
MintSparkle Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Student General Artist
Omai o0o;; you weren't able to enter dealers even once??? Dealers was like last year- everyone was in their same places & the stuff they sold was about the same- their was of course new prints & merch
Phibonnachee Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016
Yeah, maybe the next con haha.  Attending any other cons?
MintSparkle Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Student General Artist
Hahaha no, I want to go to Otakuthon in Montreal to see my friends, but it may not be a good idea anymore as one of them said that they'll strangle me for spoiling two animes for them xD;;
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Submitted on
June 11, 2016