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~~~Quick Update~~~

At this point, I have not received a table for Anime North.  Thus if anyone wants to be ever so kind to share it, I would be eternally grateful.  

~~~Art Life~~~

Its that time of year again.  With many cons poking their head out, I will need to be targeting all works from this point towards Anime North.  Feel free to PM or comment here to inform me of what I need to watch/play/draw.

Ive been trying more different styles this year so expect to see a large variety of stuff if I actually get a table.  Either way, the artbook is looking quite solid, I think its going to be a sellout for sure!

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To do list :  

Draw, GF, Acquire Dakimakura???

Draw List: taiyaki, league? Overwatch? PAD? Pokemon Artbook?


Currently accepting commissions for pretty much anything (you may want to PM me) hit me up with an idea and I'll give you a quote. 

Once we iron out the details, I will accept Paypal payments for the commissioned work. PM me here or reach me down there ;)

Skype:      Phibonnachee
Discord:    .Phib#6259

How To:

1. Send me a note request.
2. Write a brief description including: Things you want, context of what you want, reference pictures may help. Any idea is negotiable (Pixiv Somewhat NSFW...).
3. Send me payment via Paypal (the commissioner will need to cover Paypal fees).
4. Once confirmed, I will start working on the commission.
5. When I am complete the commission, I will notify you and send you the full resolution PNG files as well as the Sai/PS files.

Commission Rates:

Half Body ~~~ $50

Full body ~~~ $60

+$10 to $20 for very complex characters
+$20 for each additional character
+$10 simple background 
+$20 detailed background

Woof by Phibonnachee Pandora by Phibonnachee Metatron by Phibonnachee Sushi Bento by Phibonnachee Megumin Good Job! by Phibonnachee Aqua Desu by Phibonnachee Masochism by Phibonnachee
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Submitted on
February 1